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Good food, good feeling

No matter where someone’s Centre 507 journey takes them, it usually begins with food. People first come to us when they are hungry. Once their bodies are nourished, they are better able to explore moving towards other kinds of fulfillment.

We are increasingly focused on the quality of our food. Like anyone else, people who come to a drop-in centre deserve good food—flavour, nourishment and variety.  We offer vegetarian and often vegan options.

Good food boosts the spirits of our community members and brings them together. It’s good for the body and the spirit.

From the basics…

Always available, always popular—coffee, great bread, toast, peanut butter, fruit and juice.

…to soups from scratch…

The days of pouring a few dozen cans of tomato or chicken noodle soup into a pot are gone. Today, we make soup from scratch, keeping the sodium low and offering restaurant quality choices, from spicy Thai carrot to Buffalo chicken.

…to salads…

We often serve salads too, with many variations of leafy greens and legumes, some of which come from our own sidewalk garden.

…even fine dining.

Several times a year, we set up a small room for a special fine-dining meal, with gourmet food, decorations and candlelight. It’s a pop-up Café cinq-zéro-sept, and it puts big smiles of the face of every diner.

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