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About Us


Centre 507 is, above all, a community. Everyone is welcome.

We bring people together, some of whom might otherwise be isolated. It often starts with a great bowl of soup and a conversation with someone at the same table. They get to know more people and feel a friendly, positive vibe. Over time, they might see or hear about our partners who visit the centre to offer support in areas such as health, housing or job skills. They see others clearing tables and helping unload food orders or donations. So they pitch in too. And the sense of belonging and community grows stronger.

Giving back

Our community is heavily invested in our day-to-day operations. They help to run social events and pitch in to help with our daily operations. Every day, they clear tables, carry groceries upstairs, put out garbage and sweep up. Giving back in ways like these is very important to many members of our community.






Meals Served

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