From informal conversations to structured programs, Centre 507 helps people in Ottawa address challenges and improve their lives.

Health services

Centre 507 is a partner of the City of Ottawa’s SITE program to prevent the spread of disease and to minimize the risks associated with substance abuse. Centre 507 offers needle exchange and crack pipe kits, along with rehabilitation advice and referrals.

Outreach workers from the Canadian Mental Health Association, the Royal Ottawa Hospital, SITE, Centretown Community Health Centre and Housing Help visit the drop-in regularly to connect with individuals in an environment in which they already feel safe. We also work with some of these agencies to provide on-site flu shot clinics, foot care clinics, and testing for HIV, TB and hepatitis.

Recreation services

Our recreation program allows participants to take part in creative social events such as card games, movies, picnics, trips and outings. Many participants face severe loneliness and isolation, in addition to financial limitations not allowing them to afford such events.

These events are supplemented by our annual Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners. The recreation activities give participants a chance to find and enjoy the company of friends.