Centre 507 is an adult drop-in centre and support service, open to all who seek a safe and friendly environment.

Our manager and support workers are critical to the work of the drop-in centre. They offer support to participants and ensure that Centre 507 is a safe place. We also rely on volunteers to help in the centre and to serve as board members. (Learn more volunteering at Centre 507)

Six afternoons and three evenings per week, we welcome individuals who may be disadvantaged economically or socially. Homelessness, mental illness, addiction, health concerns, extreme poverty, unstable housing (including rooming houses or shelters) chronic unemployment and physical abuse are examples of challenges faced by our participants.

Each day we welcome between 80 and 165 individuals into Centre 507. During 2002 (the last complete year for statistics) Centre 507 recorded 34,627 visits.

Centre 507 is housed in Centretown United Church at 507 Bank Street in Ottawa and receives ongoing funding from the City of Ottawa, the Province of Ontario, the Government of Canada and the United Church of Canada.

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