The men and women registered with the 507 Job Bank are competent, supervised workers. The job bank program is made possible through Supporting Communities Partnership Initiative funding from the Government of Canada.

Your decision to employ someone through the 507 Job Bank gives our workers a chance to earn some much-needed income and make a positive contribution to our community. And you get a job done right. Contact us today: 613-233-5626 / Job Bank

Residential services

  • raking and bagging leaves
  • grass-cutting
  • raking, tilling, weeding
  • trimming and cutting hedges
  • gardening and landscaping
  • yard clean-up
  • dog-walking
  • snow-shovelling
  • fall and spring clean-up
  • garage clean-up
  • window-washing
  • painting
  • eavestrough-cleaning
  • minor repairs

Commercial services

  • general cleaning
  • window-washing
  • stockroom-organizing
  • prep and painting
  • loading and unloading
  • removing graffiti
  • outdoor clean-up
  • construction clean-up
  • minor repairs
  • construction